G e r a l d t o n    C r o q u e t    C l u b

   The 2018 Gratte Cup was played for over the weekend of the  17th and 18th Feb  2018.

there were 12 contestents and the field was split into two blocks

The winner of "block A" was Tony Temby with the winner  of "block B" being Ken Morris

Tony and Ken played of for the Trophy and   the eventual winner of the 2018 Gratte cup was Ken Morris after

beating Tony 5 wins to 4 wins



Other results were as follows


Block “A”


P.Kerr        0 wins 5 losses points for 16, against 34 points, nett -18  final place block “A”  6th


J.Morris     4 wins 1 loss     points for 31, against 21 points nett  +10 finaal place block "A" 2nd






First Runner Up was , pictured below


Second runner up, pictured below.



Players all enjoyed the event and congratulate Rhonda on her sterling effort in running the competition. Well done all.

Watch this page for the 2018 results